Collaboration Coming to Life at SOMA NewArt Gallery July 16th

For the past few months, Jim Inzero and I have been collaborating, merging his artwork and my prose into a single experience. His work is emotionally moving and when I first spotted it, I couldn’t help but be drawn into the scenes he depicted. From there, I crafted short passages that hopefully bring the viewer further into the piece, connect with them and kindle a happy memory. A large collection of this joint effort will be on display at SOMA NewArt Gallery in Cape May, NJ starting July 16th.

Mark your calendars and drop by the gallery to celebrate our opening!

As an example, the work below was recently showcased at my book signing. I call this one Homestead and it happens to be one of my favorites. Below that you’ll see the accompanying words.

Brittany and I standing in front of Jim’s painting
The accompanying passage for the work above

If you’ve not had the pleasure of seeing Jim’s work, head to his gallery in downtown Point Pleasant, Nj.

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