A Big Thanks for a Big Day!

Sitting and staring at the blank screen at 5:30 this morning, nerves have taken over. Publishing a book during the pandemic has proven strange – the activities I expected to do a few months ago were delayed, so it feels as if nothing was published at all. Tonight is my first signing and for some reason excited nervousness is coursing through my body.

And I can’t help but think of three things. First, how appreciative and grateful I am for my wife Brittany. I’d be nowhere without her. Thank you, Baber.

Second, thank you, Peanut. For every day I wrote another section of this book, you proofread it for me. You worked harder than I did.

Last, I can’t help but think about Norman – my writing mentor. Countless mornings we sat at our table at The Cottage and ate breakfast while he talked and peppered me with invaluable advice, pointers that I still tap into. And one morning he looked at me and said, “I think I’ll see your name in print one day, Matt.”

Well, Norman, I’ve done it. We’ve done it. Here’s to you. Thank you so much.

Read Breakfast at The Cottage

Purchase your copy of Damn the Ponytail!

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