Get Your Discount, Support an Indie Author

Toiling away

In a recent writer’s thread, someone asked a simple question – “when do you give up trying to get something published?” My answer was simple. Never. We write because we write. Whether or not no one reads our work or everyone reads our work, we still hole ourselves up and toil away on our next piece. We write.

This is absolutely true in the indie publishing world, where publishers, editors, and authors collaborate because they love the craft.

Support an indie publisher and some indie authors.

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2 thoughts on “Get Your Discount, Support an Indie Author

    • Well, it depends on what you want out of it. If you want an audience, you have to build it or invest in it. Takes time and as much dedication as the writing. Inside that platform, think about what you want to post aside from your work. And then consistently post. It keeps you fresh.

      Honestly, I’m not great at it either.

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