Damn the Ponytail is Available!

Well, turns out the final steps toward a book launch are lengthy… but worth it. You can now purchase my first book in a few different formats and locations. Take your pick.

Before I share those, I have to thank a few people.

First, thank you Brittany, Lil and Lainey. You are my world, even when I’m distracted. Thank you to my entire family – my parents, my sisters and brother, my brothers-in-law, my in-laws, and my sisters-in-law. You’ve all helped me in so many ways.

Thank you, Peanut. You have no idea how instrumental you’ve been in helping me complete this.

And thank you, Matt Potter – founder of Everytime Press – the publisher and editor who guided me through my own creative process and then through the publishing process.

Now for the book.

For the paperback: https://bit.ly/Ponytailpback

For the ePub: https://bit.ly/PonytailePub

The Kindle version: Damn the Ponytail

The book’s webpage: https://bit.ly/Ponytailpage

Some snippets: https://bit.ly/Ponytailtaste

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