A Peek into the Adventure

As a writer, I’m often asked how a story is born. The reality is, there’s no magical approach other than writing as much as possible and to have multiple ways to capture ideas – a small notebook or recording device always on-hand.

Then let them grow. Build on your ideas. Mesh them together. Pull them apart. See where they take you. Put them down for a while. Let them simmer.

The story Jim Inzero and I are working on actually began as two separate kernels about 12-years ago. I merged them with another writer friend, turned them into a screenplay and full synopsis and had them reviewed. But something was missing. We put it down.

It simmered. And then a spark that changed the entire tale… characters, plot, settings… everything.

What sparked the change? My daughters. “Write something for us with us,” they said. And so it began.

The tale follows two less-than-adventurous sisters as they befriend the ghosts of Robert Louis Stevenson and his friend Will H. Low, traverse the waters of the Manasquan River on a rickety catboat, and search for Captain Kidd’s long-lost treasure.

As promised, here is a glimpse of the artwork (a draft sketch) that will accompany the tale. This is the catboat named Jack, which was the name of a horse Robert Louis Stevenson rode. It seemed the perfect connection between fact and fiction.

I’ll continue sharing tidbits on the book and backstory. We aim to be finished before Spring and published for Summer.

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