Breakfast at The Cottage

The Cottage as it was on our first meeting

A few years ago, I completed a work of “fiction” called Breakfast at The Cottage – a tale about a young writer who befriends an established writer. A few times a week they meet for breakfast at a small place on the Manasquan Inlet called The Cottage. The young writer plans his breakthrough. The old writer, knowingly or not, teaches him lessons about the craft, business, and life.

After pitching the manuscript around, I realized two things. First, I never should have fictionalized the story of my writing career. It is fantastical enough that most would think it bullshit. But it’s not. I was the young writer. Norman Wolfson was the expert. How expert? A few meetings in, he told a story about a speech he wrote for one of the four Presidents he worked for. Yes. Presidents of the United freaking States.

Second, the advice Norman provided proved invaluable and still impacts me today. This advice shouldn’t be for sale by me or by anyone else. His wise words should be free to anyone willing to read.

Over the next few months, however long it takes, I will share this unbelievable tale. Young writer. Old writer. Mentor. Take what you will from it. At max, you may learn a few things that stick with you for life. At a minimum, hopefully you enjoy this story of an unlikely friendship.

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